Military Spec Wiring Harness

Military Spec Wiring Harness - Through it all, military specifications have remained steadily in place and MIL-Spec wire continues to be a sought after wire product. "MIL" is the abbreviation for military specifications for wire. "MIL-Spec" is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense.. Aerospace and military connectors and non-explosive actuators for ground power, avionics, tactical communications, mid-range power, umbilical connectors, in-flight separation, aviation interior lighting, and space and launch.. Much like the nerves and veins of a human body a wiring harness connects the vital organs together. OBR prides itself in supplying the highest level of autosport MIL-spec wiring solutions and offers a range of standard looms as well as a design and build service for bespoke applications..

Dec 2012: Here at Tweak'd Performance we're happy to release our new MIL-SPEC wiring harnesses. Eliminate your old rubber firewall grommet with these extreme-duty MIL-SPEC bulkhead connectors for the ultimate clean look and the very best harness protection available.. Some parts were easy - like the wiring going back to the rear of the car - because those wires were shipped seperate, so you could run everything, get it nice and neat, and then cut to length and make the terminations. This is why the big-money crowd uses mil-spec connectors to make modular harnesses.. Buy Wiring Harness Kit For Strat CTS Oak Switchcraft .022uf Sprague Mil Spec PIO Cap: Electronics - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Wiring Harness Kit For Strat CTS Oak Switchcraft .022uf Sprague Mil Spec PIO Cap: Musical Instruments.

in Mil-Spec applications, and The specifications for this model are size 1/0 AWG in commercial and automotive the same as MPT-250B. applications. The PT-150H Manual Wire Crimp Pull Tester is ideal for testing crimp strength up to size 10 for Mil-Spec applications, and size 4 AWG for commercial and automotive applications.. Order your motorsports and racing electronics, engine management, data acquisition, power distribution, Sensors, mil-spec, wiring, Motec, Autosport connectors.. Automotive Wire Harnesses and Assemblies at Flex Wires Inc. Flex Wires Inc. is a leading provider of wire harness services for automotive applications. Our automotive wiring harness solutions allow effective transmission of power and information through the vehicle..

Mil-Spec Wire Harnesses Explained - Honda Tuning Magazine 10 mil spec wire harnesses explained autosport female connector. Import Intelligence - Expert Automotive Repair Locate the 2 Distribitor plugs on the USDM engine harness. BDX Plug-n-Play Harness For Honda Ruckus GY6 Swaps .. SEA Wire and Cable is the leading supplier of mil-spec wire, cable, and wire harness accessories for aerospace military applications, providing 24-hour delivery on in-stock parts.. Flex Wires is the experienced and professional wire harness assembly manufacturer that you have been looking for. We can take care of every problem related to wire harness and assemblies. Call us on 909-629-8618, or email your specifications at

DRAGWIRE® specializes drag car, drag bike, round track, road course, and street mil-spec grade wiring and computer systems including datalog systems, Electronic Fuel. Custom wiring and cabling with terminals, and connectors such as Deutch, JAE, Hirose, Molex, AMP, LEMO, Sauriou , etc; Inner molding and outer molding cable with connectors / PCBA; Waterproof D-SUB, RJ45 connectors and cables; Electromechanical harnesses with industrial connectors, hermetically sealed..