Univox Super Fuzz Schematic

Univox Super Fuzz Schematic - Jun 02, 2013  · Univox Super-Fuzz "rectifier" transistor type? Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by crazynightowl, May 31, 2013.. This is the circuit diagram of Univox Super-Fuzz Pedal. This pedal is actually a 69-to-early 70’s design that consists of two special capabilities. They are the octave generation effect from the differential-pair-with-collectors -tied-together along with the option of just a clipping amplifier or a 1kHz notch for different sounds.. The fuzz with octaver is also used on the Univox/Unicord Super Fuzz (6 transistors) pedal. See schematics here: See schematics here: Find here a demo video of the Shin Ei Fuzz-Wah pedal:.

The Univox Super-Fuzz is a 69-to-early 70’s design that includes two unique features. These are the octave generation effect from the differential-pair-with-collectors -tied-together and the choice of just a clipping amp or a 1kHz notch for different diodes just before the normal/notch filter section.. Nov 27, 2011  · Univox Square Wave Fuzz guitar : Fender Stratocaster Amp : Fender Twin Reverb.. Jan 03, 2015  · Is it possible to switch the tone toggle switch on a univox super fuzz to a pot nd wire the pot like the switch? What kind of mod would work?.

UNIVOX - 2 Electronic Circuit Diagram Univox Super-Fuzz Circuit Design Considering that the Univibe (r) is getting reissued by Dunlop, Dunlop most likely owns. be playing for the guitars aren't your thing, many online chord diagrams.. Original Unicord U1095 Vintage Rare Excellent Fuzz Univox Super (26.7% similar) For sale is a vintage 1970's Univox super fuzz pedal in excellent cosmetic and perfect functional condition. The controls are 'balance' volume, 'expander' fuzz amount, a two position 'tone'. Based on the name I take it’s a fuzz, but that’s about all I know. This is based on a schematic from a German music forum, found here. Update (06.04.2014): Cut count has been corrected to 23. Thanks to Nicky for spotting this one..

However, the Univox Superfuzz was the most well-known of the brands and is considered the definitive version of the circuit. The Rift includes two modifications that lend more flexibility to this circuit.. Lehrberg’s schematic differed from Boss’ factory schematic in that he had placed 100k resistors in series with each #2 lug. This seemed to do the trick! Update (16.08.2011): Boxed this one up tonight.. Schematics . Univox Amp Schematic - Josh Homme uses the original Univox Super-Fuzz Pedal in his second pedalboard configuration, an important component that Homme uses in the Queens of the Stone Age. On this page of TheWho.net Pete's use of the Univox Superfuzz is dated from 1968 to..

Apr 27, 2008  · In the case of the Wattson SuperFuzz, 90% of the work was finding the right transistors. The other 10% was identifying the right sort of capacitors to use in the "Tone 2" tone stack. Since the constency of components today is much better, each and. Schematics and PCBs Disclaimer: These schematics and PCB layouts carry no guarantee or warranty. The schematics and layouts are known to work, but you may have to do some debugging or component switching to get them to work properly. Be sure to check the PCB and Layouts against the Schematics and vice versa to make sure there aren't any errors..